Sunday, 14 June 2015

All da feels: 15 of my favourite

Hi, yes, hello, I know, where the hell have I been - WHATEVERRR. I am easily distracted.

Speaking of distraction, I recently watched a video on YouTube by Essie Button (who is amazing, go see) called "15 of my Favourite Feelings" and she got the idea from Hank Green, one half of the YouTube channel, vlogbrothers.

The feelings they're talking about aren't like love or anxiety (no-one's favourite feeling just btw) - we're talking about the feeling of rain on your face or something else similarly corny. I think this is quite fun and quirky as well as being a nice break from ranting and raving about all the shit we don't like. So - yes, you guessed it - here are (in no particular order) 15 of my Favourite Feelings.

Taking a sip of water when I'm thirsty
Sounds obvious (because duh liquids relieve thirst) but I love the feeling of the chill going down my throat and into my tummy as I swallow. I fear that I am alone in this and that whoever reads this is frowning with concern. 

Having my back/neck tickled
Ever since I was little, this has been my best. Whenever I was sick or sad or had strange nightmares, my mom would tickle my back until I fell asleep. Obviously I would try really hard to stay awake so the tickles would last for as long as possible but other times I would pretend to be asleep because I liked that my mom would stay and tickle even after she thought I'd fallen asleep (although she's a really good mom so she probably knew I was faking it). 23 years ripe and I still love having my back tickled, specially by my momma - heehee.

Taking off my bra
Like, does this even need to be said?? I'm concerned though because loads of women complain that their bras hurt them and that taking them off is the sweetest mercy of their day. Can we just please all agree to never let our bras hurt us? If they hurt you, they are either crappy quality, too small, too big or broken. Yes it feels good to take my bra off because the girls don't like to be couped up all the time but don't let your boobie holder hurt you - kay?

Clean sheets
Combine this with freshly shaved legs and you are golden. The smell of fresh laundry as I climb into bed? Yes. Yes please.

Waking up and knowing that I don't have to get up
I am NOT a morning person. Nope. Never have been, never will be (OK, with the exception of Christmas and Easter morning). Waking up without an alarm is so very lovely and then being able to lie in bed and read or roll over and continue sleeping is just... ah, it's just wonderful.

Reading a really good book
The other day I started reading a book and I got about 2 chapters in and I couldn't continue because it was just horrible. 3 years of English Lit at Rhodes has probably ruined basic escapist reading for me. I love reading a book that I'm super amped to come home from work and read or wake up on a Sunday and read. The feeling of desperately wanting to know what happens next is so exciting. The last book I read that had me feeling this way was The Universe versus Alex Woods. I highly recommend this book to anyone. It's brilliant.

Getting my food at a restaurant
Had this experience this morning I went for a late breakfast with the wonderful Hannah and we ordered the most delish French toast with fruit, bacon and yoghurt (look here - how great??). When you see those plates coming and you realise, suddenly, that they're your order and they are in fact going to be placed in front of you... Nomnomnom!

Laughing - for real
Not a fake laugh. A real one from the depths of my belly complete with snorts and all that people in the next building could hear if they listened. This laugh feels best when shared with my friends, my family and my boyfriend - probably because it's a judgement free zone so I just let rip.

Having someone being proud of me or believe in me
When I graduated in April this year it was really cool and all because I got to go up on stage and have my name read out followed by the words "with distinction" which was the culmination of 4 years of very hard work, motivation, some blood, (but mostly) sweat and tears. Then after the whole shindig I met with my family, boyfriend and best friend outside the venue and seeing them beaming at me with one or two wet eyes was a really good feeling. Similarly, having a partner and parents who motivate me and let me know that I am actually capable even when I think I'm not is so inspiring. If they, people that know me so well, have such faith in me then there is no reason I shouldn't have faith in myself.

Spring cleaning (or, actually, the feeling after spring cleaning)
So therapeutic. So nice. Sitting down after crouching in cupboards or over drawers for a couple of hours sorting and organising things knowing that your proverbial shit is now together is wonderful.

Stepping into the sunshine on a crisp morning
Summer and I are not good friends. I tolerate it. I don't enjoy baking in the sun. the kind of sunshine I do like is cold or crisp morning sunshine when I'm feeling a little bit chilly and I step outside to feel the sun warm my skin. So good. Best enjoyed on wet lawn, at the breakfast table or on a back stoep with a warm beverage.

Jamming to a great song
Best enjoyed in a car with said song turned up very loud. This is my latest car jam song.

Catching my partner staring at me
Sometimes when I'm totally engrossed with something and my boyfriend is in the room, I'll look up from whatever I'm doing and catch him looking at me with a dopey expression on his face. Then I get a dopey expression on my face. All the feels!!

(While we're all busy gagging from far too much cheese...) Cuddles
Nuff said.

Accomplishing things
Whether this is just ticking off all of the things from your to do list or doing really big cool things (like getting a degree), getting shit done and sitting down at the end of the day and thinking to yourself "Sweet, I've done it," is pretty cool.

And there they are. I'm probably going to lie in bed before I fall asleep tonight and think of 15 more. Oh well.
What's one of your favourite feelings??

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